Landscape Maintenance

With Seasonal Impact as your trusted partner, you’ll have confidence that all your landscape maintenance needs are being met. We focus on the long-term health of your landscape and customize your maintenance program based on your property’s specific needs, budget, and goals.

Seasonal Impact Landscape Maintenance provides:  

Customized Landscape Management Plan

Through horticulture knowledge, innovative problem-solving & high safety standards, we take a pro-active approach to meeting your properties site specific needs.

Professional & Expert Advice

Our uniformed teams are able to tell you exactly when to prep, plan, plant, treat, and maintain so your landscape looks great 12 months of the year

Client Care Program

Our unique Client Care Program ensures proactive landscape management to enhance your investment and provide much more in service and value

Landscape Maintenance Services

• Lawn & Turf Care

• Tree & Shrub Care

• Fertilization & Weed Control

• Pest & Disease Management

• Indoor & Outdoor Plant Care

• Litter & Debris Removal

• Snow Removal

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Landscape Enhancement

The goal is to maximize visual impact while aiming to reduce overall maintenance costs. Our expert horticulturists and landscape specialists take a consultative approach to developing a property upgrade plan to meet any budget or expectation.

Seasonal Impact Landscape Enhancement team provides:

• Initial Site Assessment

• Site Upgrades & Updates

• Long Term Plans

• Plant Removal & Installation


• Indoor & Outdoor Seasonal Planting

• Landscape Safety Upgrades

• Hardscape Installation

• Waterscape & Pond Upgrades

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Landscape Development

Through effective project management, we ensure the execution of your site plans are achieved every single time. Our extensive resources & vast experience in Landscape Development enable us to deliver big-picture vision followed by our Landscape Maintenance team ensuring your investment is never wasted.

Seasonal Impact Landscape Development team provides:

• Accurate pricing & budgets

• Rough & Final Grading

• Hardscape Installation

• Tree & Shrub Planting

•  Green Walls

• Site Furniture & Amenities

• Watering

• Co0rdination with Maintenance Division

To learn more about our Landscape Development team and services please contact us today!

The service and work you did for us was excellent. I have many people comment on the excellent work you did and how good this place looks now. Many thanks for the excellent job and hope to see you next year.
- Don - Board of Directors, Foxhaven on the Lake