In 2007 when the now, CEO and President founded Seasonal Impact Contracting, the company was no more than a couple trucks, a snow plow, and a few hand pushed lawn mowers. Today, Seasonal Impact Contracting has grown to include a fleet of equipment, many great employees and one of the most sought after landscape partners in Edmonton that offer landscape management, development, and enhancement services.


At Seasonal Impact Contracting Ltd, we intend to create an outstanding outdoor living space from the education and hard work from everyone involved within the company. Internally we intend to create and develop a safe, creative, enjoyable work environment, in which our employees are trained and developed to use their skills to their fullest capabilities. The above is well summarized in our Mission Statement – Our mission is to provide a higher quality of service and knowledge in all aspects of our trade, upholding the respect, morals, and rights of everyone around us. Our vision and mission are more than just words. These are the basis on which we have built our company.

Customer Satisfaction

Seasonal Impact Contracting Ltd relies and bases its entire growth off customer satisfaction. We strive to earn and build long lasting personal and business relationships with our customers where we consistently perform the highest quality of work that meets your budget and is within your timeline. To ensure we meet our goals, follow up with our customers are mandatory to ensure we are exceeding their expectations. With the valuable feedback received, we are continually improving all systems of our business to maximize customer peace of mind.